• Conveyors
  • Curved Belts
  • Rows Distribution
  • Feeders
  • Flow-Pack Wrappers
  • Cartoning
  • Buffer Belts
  • Easy Opening Applicator
  • Cardboard Feeders
  • End Seal Turner
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Complete Automatic Lines

Hitech Asia Co., Ltd. can provide complete Packaging Lines, making available more than 30 years experience in Packaging Automation.

From the cooling tunnels or ovens, Hitech Asia Co., Ltd can cover the all range of machinery, up to the cartoning area.



European Design

The design of each machine is made to match perfectly the interface between each other, optimizing the mechanical and electronic structure.
The design is provided from Europe and transferred to our factory in Thailand to produce the equipment at lower cost.


Various Devices

Large Range of Devices

Large range of special devices is available to increase the quality and the appearance of your packages.

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High Technology Controls

The controls applied to our equipment are selected in order to create the best and more simpler electronic architecture, depending by the particular application.

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